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Xrumer cracked is simply a tool and as such produces results that are in direct correlation to the skill of the user. Think for a moment about a chainsaw. Anyone can use it to take down a tree, but few know how to sculpt beautiful wood or ice images. Xrumer is only as good as the one who yields its power. The average SEO’s that shelve their license, do so because they only know how to take down trees (blast profiles), yet the experts use it for many other purposes and have been doing so long before recent updates were rolled out by Google.


XEvil 5.0 crack is finally released with major updates! Final stable version was made as result of private beta test. Now it’s available for download for all owners of “Standard” and “Business” licenses without any additional payment. XEvil 5.0 was significantly optimized at ReCaptcha-2 solving, ReCaptcha-3 support was added, 64-bit module for solving image captcha works faster and with higher accuracy, wide-ranging customizable cores (additional neuronets), advanced API features, new XEvil Solver Plugin for browser and more!


This software will help to increase traffic to website to hundreds, thousands times. Program have a rich seven year history, which use experience of professionals in search engine optimization. Appreciate and use a truly unique and powerful XRumer program, can both professionals and beginners.


These days you can forget laying doing the same exact profile blasts from xrumer linkslists to a homepage over and over again. This is the chainsaw to a tree approach. But by using proprietary forum lists, relevance, randomization, and strategy true Xrumer artists are ranking and then banking from sites more than ever. The fact that so many average SEO’s have stopped using Xrumer only makes for less competition as the unskilled have abandoned the single tool that could propel them to the top if only they knew how to use it.


This is not the place to outline every specific way Xrumer crack has retained its power, but we can discuss some of the concepts in general. Think for a moment about what you have heard about recent updates. The first thing that most think of is link relevance. We could discuss relevance for hours, but the simplistic understanding is that a link should be placed on sites related to the niche being linked. The second is that the link origin should also have on page related information.




Second to relevance is diversity. While most have incorporated a modicum of randomness to anchors over the years, the new thought is to make links even more natural, some not even hot linked, just to mirror what typical users would create themselves. Beyond these two there are many who believe profile links themselves have been significantly downgraded. These belief leads them to advocate new link types, more in context forum posts, and new non forum link sources altogether.

Looking at those three major beliefs are there any that a skilled Xrumer user cannot address? The answer is, no. Xrumer can post to custom harvested niche lists, incorporate smart randomness, keep relevant links on each page, forum post, and even learn to post to non-forum sources. Therefore the skilled user can address the major hurdles of recent updates through the use of Xrumer as a tool to implement a well thought out strategy using techniques that far surpass the previously accepted practice of mass blasting to public forum lists. To declare XRumer dead, is a costly mistake.

Somewhere too many have lost their way and all too often blur the lines between Blackhat SEO and Illegal SEO. Over the years Blackhat has been used as an all encompassing word that includes everything from placing links on private blog farms, by their owners, through hacking sites without permission to place links. This is unfortunate because somewhere the line has to be drawn between legal behaviors.

Note that ethical cannot be a factor. In this day and age ethics are relative and what Google or Forum owners may think is ethical is different than the ethics of the “no real harm done” Blackhats. Is it ethical to Xrumer forum profiles? Forum owners tend to claim they are upset at this, yet they have no problem keeping the extra thousands of “members” when stating statistics for their sites.

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