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Captcha Sniper uses advanced techniques with many different algorithms that it applies based on the image challenge it is being given. The software is very frequently updated so there are always new challenges being defeated and new feature additions. There have been major updates every few weeks ever since I purchased the software a few months ago. Just yesterday was the most recent update and with the update they added a couple hundred more captchas that could be solved.


Save MoneySlash your captcha solving costs. Stop wasting your time and hard-earned money on captcha solving services that are slow, inaccurate and costly. Captcha Sniper cracked solves captchas faster and without having to pay per captcha. No DowntimeSolve Captchas On Your Desktop. Captcha Sniper is desktop software thats is compatible with all current versions of Windows. There is no server to rely on .. Captcha Sniper is always accessible for you 24/7.



It currently supports over 400 different types and has the option to attempt try and solve regardless of whether they are in the default database (part of the supported 400) or not. Another really useful feature is that you can add your own captchas by telling the software how to solve them. It includes a tool that is called the Captcha Destruction Kit (CDK) that allows you to apply your own filters so that the software can read the image better.

Once you have created your solution you are able to upload a bunch of images to test out how accurate it is. People are sharing their solutions they have cracked all the time and I have seen the software support close to 1000 different types in various screenshots. There is a rumor that the software developer is creating a cloud-based system that will allow you to easily share and download new types that aren’t included by default on Captcha Sniper cracked so read the following tips.


The program is compatible with all software that uses captcha-solving services and is a snap to implement because it uses service emulation. If you have never heard of services that offer this for a fee then take a look at Death By Captcha (DBC). The services allow you (or your software) to upload captchas to their servers to be solved manually by actual humans on their side for incredibly small prices. These services generally range from $1.10-2.50 for 1000 solutions. Doing some quick math – the software will only have to solve around 65,000 captchas to pay for itself depending on what service you choose.

There are two comparable captcha solving software solutions for you to consider as well. Captcha Infinity has been around for a while but it doesn’t look like the features and update velocity are matching that of Captcha Sniper. I cannot give a thorough comparison because I have never tried it out but from what I have read there is almost no comparison and Captcha Sniper wins by a landslide. There is also GSA Captcha Breaker which has been in beta for quite some time now but has only recently been released to the public for purchase in the last few days.

The one issue with GSA Captcha Breaker is that it has only recently been released and it has a lot of catching up to do before it is able to secure its place as the number one software for the job. I use another product by GSA (GSA Search Engine Ranker) and it blows me away with how great it is. The support is incredible and the software is updated what seems like every single day (luckily it automatically updates). I have very high hopes for GSA Captcha Breaker but as of now I believe it doesn’t quite match Captcha Sniper. I will be purchasing it within a few weeks once I see some improvements and additions which will undoubtedly arrive shortly knowing the company.

I use this software with SEnuke XCr, GSA Search Engine Ranker and Scrapebox so I have plenty of experience with it. If I was running it on high-end servers I could really put it through its paces and feed it thousands of captchas every minute. I have two licenses running on separate dedicated computers and each instance has solved well over 150,000 captchas a piece. I do not partake in such aggressive link building strategies because I would prefer to go for quality over quantity links to my website. I will be posting a tutorial soon on how you can get started doing search engine optimization in the newly added “tutorials” section of this website very soon.

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