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If you are involved in the eCommerce industry or online marketing, it is essential to be familiar with SEO tools that can assist you in achieving your goals. One such tool is Scrapebox cracked, which is akin to a Swiss Army Knife for SEO tasks. It is an automated tool that scours the internet for blogs to comment on, and then automatically comments on the website URL, resulting in the creation of thousands of backlinks in a short amount of time. Backlinking has always been a significant aspect of SEO, and Scrapebox, when cracked, comes equipped with all the essential features to help you establish your online business by utilizing the powerful tools included in the package.



Essential Features of Scrapebox crack:


Scrapebox is an automated SEO tool that can help internet marketers, eCommerce website owners, and those in the eCommerce industry with their online business. Here are some of its essential features:

Keyword Harvesting – This is one of the best and most useful features of Scrapebox. It has numerous keyword harvesting sources and features that can provide a lengthy list of popular keywords in just minutes, saving time and effort during research.

Multiple Proxies – This feature can help save IP from being banned by importing or pasting them onto the proxy list. Scrapebox performs functions such as Pinging, Comment posting, Page rank checking, and Harvesting. It helps prevent exposure of the real IP and maintain anonymity.

Website and Blog Harvesting – After harvesting keywords, Scrapebox can be used to find websites and blogs related to specific keywords, determining the source and credibility of backlinks, and winning over competitors.

Referrals and Ping Mode – The Ping Mode feature sends referrals and leaves references on other sites, allowing thousands of URLs or hundreds of pings.

Trackback Poster – Scrapebox can post thousands of trackbacks in minutes, generating tons of traffic by targeting high traffic blogs.

Automated Blog Commenting – Scrapebox saves time and ensures quality traffic by automatically commenting on blogs and articles.

Analysis Tool – This tool helps analyze competitor backlinks and websites to compare statistics and come up with a better strategy for bringing more traffic to your site.


The Good

  • Easy process of backlinking
  • Useful and abundant features
  • Free organic backlink building
  • Guest blogging

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