The 16-Word Sales Letter By Evaldo Albuquerque – Free Download Course

The 16-Word Sales Letter By Evaldo Albuquerque – Free Download Course

I’ve been Working at the Highest Level of Digital Marketing for Over 15 Years… And I’ve Never Seen Anything Like This.

Which is why I asked Evaldo to put this secret in a brand-new book.

And since we’ve become good friends over the last few years…

He agreed.

The book is called The 16-Word Sales Letter™: A proven method of writing multi-million-dollar copy faster than you ever thought possible.

And you can claim your own personal copy today…

Here’s just a snapshot of what you’ll discover inside this brand-new book…

The exact 16 words that generated over $120,000,000 in sales in the last two years alone. Master these words, and you could see millions hitting your bank account too. See page 18.
The worst mistake you can make on the first page of your sales message. Make this mistake, and it’s guaranteed your prospect will close the page without even reading your copy.
Not sure your idea is unique enough to hit your prospects at an emotional level? Simply apply this secret on page 21 and you’ll know. (Hint: This is behind EVERY single successful marketing campaign in history)
The copywriting secret behind several #1 hits on the Billboard Hot 100 list. Find out on page 13 how Britney Spears’s “…Baby One More Time” can help you write better copy.
How a productivity hack used in every single major Navy Seal mission can help you write copy faster than you ever thought possible. I’ve seen Evaldo writing multi-million copy in a matter of days using this technique. Page 21.
The most powerful way of capturing your prospect’s attention. It’s proven by MRI scans and works even in the most competitive niches. See page 30.
The one question you MUST answer in the first page of your letter. In today’s world of skeptical readers, not answering this question basically guarantees failure. See page 39.
Not sure how to structure your sales letter? It’s simple… just answer these 10 questions… and you’ll write your sales letters in record time. See page 91.
How your proof elements can actually HURT your sales. Yes, even if your proof is good and reliable, if you make this mistake your copy is toast.(hint: Evaldo told me he learned this secret from the screen writers of South Park) See page 41.
Hitler’s powerful persuasion trick that will make your prospect act. WARNING: this technique is so powerful that I believe one of Evaldo’s copy “broke the internet.” Google and Facebook literally banned this copy because of how viral it went. See page 61.
The #1 mistake you must avoid in the closing of your promo. Even if you write a killer sales message, this one mistake at the offer section could cost you everything. See page 85.
A guaranteed way of putting your prospect in a buying trance. (hint: All the top Hollywood screenwriters use this hypnotic technique. See page 41.
In 1997 a cult leader convinced 38 people that committing suicide would enable them to enter a spaceship flying in the wake of a comet. Find out on page 55 what his persuasive secret was…and how Evaldo applies it to generate millions in sales. The one sentence that killed as many as 21 million people…and how it can add so much urgency to your copy that your prospects will be pulling their credit cards within seconds they read it. See page 61.
The top 3 ways to make your prospect know, trust and like you… even if they have no clue who you are. See page 68.
The #1 technique used by some of the best pickup artists in the world to seduce the hottest women in the club…and how you can use it to close the sale. See page 84.
And much much more…
As you can see, this is not just “another copywriting book…”

It’s a book packed with fresh ideas I promise you’ve never seen anywhere

And Today You Can Claim Your Copy of this Brand-New Book for a Much Lower Price than Others will Pay…
You’ll join the select group of internet marketers who already discovered this powerful 16-word sales letter™.

This book is selling on Amazon right now for $39.99.

But you can claim right here, right now for a deeply discounted price.

You see, because of my working relationship with Evaldo, I negotiated a discount of 50%.

That means instead of paying the $39.99 everyone will have to pay…

Today you can claim your own copy for just $19.99.

And that comes with a 100% money back guarantee.

If you’re a copywriter, once you start applying the 16-Word Sales Letter™, you’ll watch your royalties skyrocket…

If you’re an entrepreneur, once you implement this secret in your online business, you’ll watch your sales explode…

If you’re an internet marketer, once you learn the secret behind the 16-Word Sales Letter™, you’ll take your game to another level.

If that doesn’t happen, just give us a call back and you can get 100% of your money back.

No questions asked.



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