Weekly War Room By Evaldo Albuquerque & Peter Coyne – Free Download

Weekly War Room By Evaldo Albuquerque & Peter Coyne – Free Download Course Copy Call Agora Financial

The Weekly War Room ​is essential for anyone that wants to stay on top of the copy that is working today. Every week during this weekly 30-minute call, we discuss a new long-form promotion that is bringing in millions of dollars in sales.

Master copywriter, Evaldo Albuquerque, will provide a link to a piece of copy and talk about why it is working and how you can apply the same tactics in your own marketing materials. Until recently, these calls were reserved for in-house copywriters and marketers only, but we’ve decided to open up the call to a small group of outsiders. (Please keep in mind, we may stop accepting new members at any time if the group becomes too full.)

Access to LIVE weekly zoom call. Every Thursday at 10 AM. That’s 52 calls in a year. (Value: $1,999)
Access to Q&A session where you get to ask any questions you might have. (Value $299)
Most important notes from the call (Value $199)
Access to the recordings of the call (Value $199)
That’s a total value of $2,696.

Considering you’ll also have a chance to build a relationship with two of the top players in the internet marketing space, that’s already a bargain.

I mean, one day you could even end up working with them here or launching a venture together.

But you won’t have to pay anywhere near that. I’ll give you details in just a moment…

First, there’s something else I almost forgot…

Once you join the Weekly War Room, you’ll also unlock a free copy training with me and Evaldo.

That’s right.

In just 3 days I’m going live in a FREE webinar with my #1 copywriter Evaldo Albuquerque.

And you do NOT want to miss this free copy training. Here’s why…

I met with Evaldo AFTER he published his brand-new book The 16-Word Sales Letter™ (which is getting great reviews from everyone)…

And behind closed doors we talked about a BIG change that’s happening right now in the internet marketing space…

Something that he didn’t have time to include in the book.

In short, the way we market things online is changing very quickly…

And those who don’t adapt will be left behind.

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