Ebook Shopify Dropshipping POD Collaboration With Artist Method By Ebiz Strategic – Free Download


Ebook Shopify Dropshipping POD Collaboration With Artist Method By Ebiz Strategic – Free Download By Juherianto


Learn how I earn $3616 from Shopify Dropshipping POD within 2 months with ZERO ads spend (100% FREE traffic) using collaboration strategy with an artist. This strategy is quite unique.


Do you know that the hardest part of Shopify Dropshipping is to be PROFITABLE?

Most people are losing their money when driving the paid traffic to their Shopify dropshipping store

Do you know that you can drive an ORGANIC SALE to your Shopify dropshipping store WITHOUT having to SPEND money on ADS?

YES! It’s possible. Let me introduce you to the untapped free traffic method that you may never hear before collaborating with artists.


-The fundamental concept of the untapped collaboration method with artist
-Case study deep dive into the most successful Shopify store implementing this method: strategy and analysis
-How you should design your Shopify store to gain artist’s trust
-The key component you need to have on your Shopify store before recruiting an artist
-How to find the untapped artist on Instagram and Youtube
-The secret weapon to pitch the artist that will increase your acceptance rate.
-How to pitch the artists and made a deal with them
-Lesson learned past mistakes that made me lose the potential artist to work with
-How to increase your profit margin per sale and sales conversion rate.
-How to scale up the business using the collaboration method



Find out how I execute all the strategies in deep detail in 98 pages ebook:

-Complete Guide: Step-by-step process, best strategies, tips, and tricks
-Lesson Learned: my past mistakes and best advice (screenshot included)
-CASE STUDY: The most successful Shopify store using this strategy
-CASE STUDY: My hybrid Shopify dropshipping store using collaboration strategy
-BONUS 1: 30 lists Instagram’s artist & 30 lists Youtube’s artist
-BONUS 2: 71 list different artist categories on Instagram & Youtube (Ideas to scale up & thinking outside of the box)

Frequently Ask Questions:

Q: Is Shopify Dropshipping dead? Is it possible to drive organic sales for Shopify dropshipping?
A: Dropshipping is just a business model. It won’t die. Yes, it’s possible to earn organic sales from Shopify dropshipping. This method will specifically be selling print-on-demand products using free traffic.

Q: I don’t have any skill design. Can I implement this method?
A: Yes, this method doesn’t require you to have any design skills. I myself don’t have any graphic design skills. The artist will provide the design for free to you.

Q: I am tight on budget. What is the cost component to start this method?
A: Even though the traffic is free (zero ads spend), there is an initial cost to start implementing this method, such as Shopify monthly plan of $29/month, website domain, and custom email domain. You can buy it from Namecheap, GoDaddy, or Google Workspace.

Q: Can this method become saturated?
A: No, because there are so many variations in terms of the artists and the products, so yes, you don’t have to worry about saturation. I teach you everything in the eBook to find untapped artists and other exclusive tips to set you apart from the competition.

Q: Why does the artist want to collaborate with me?
A: Simply because the artist really busy and they don’t have time to start their own shop or even don’t know how to start the store. There are a bunch of artists who hasn’t start their shop. This is a great opportunity for you.

Q: Do I have to afraid the artist will start their own shop?
A: You don’t have to be afraid. Instead, so many artists willing to collaborate since many of them seem very busy working with their clients, they don’t have much time to start their own shop. I share with you in the ebook the top competitors who can collaborate with the artist for the long-term partnership without being afraid the artist will prefer to sell the merch using their own online store. How is it possible? Yes, this is how it works. That’s why you need to take this opportunity and earn profit.

Q: How about if the artist already has their Redbubble shop?
A: Even if the artist already has their Redbubble shop, it doesn’t mean you can’t approach them to collaborate with you. Simply offering the product that the marketplace couldn’t offer, I share good insight and strategy in the ebook on pitching the artist who sells on Redbubble, Society6, Teepublic, and Etsy.

Q: Does the ebook give the basic step about Shopify, like uploading products and setting up your store?
A: No, the ebook is straightforward, focusing on the strategies step by step. If you need basic guidance like how to set up your Shopify stores such as payment, upload product, and shipping. You will need to find a Youtube video tutorial. There are a lot of videos about basic tutorials. I only show you what needs to be considered on your Shopify store to entice the artist.

Q: How much your profit margin?
A: The profit margin will be vary depending on merch. The highest profit margin will be 40%, while the lowest will be 20%. I share all my pricing and shipping cost strategy in the ebook to get a 20-40% profit margin.

Q: How about your dropshipping store? Do you still use this method?
A: My Shopify dropshipping store actually sells AliExpress products at the beginning. Then I found out about this collaboration method with an artist, so I sell Print On Demand products also on my dropshipping store (hybrid store) and earn free cash using this method. I am currently not running my dropshipping store anymore because I have re-invested all the money into my offline business baby shop, local eCommerce marketplace, Ebiz Strategic blog, and affiliate marketing. Hence, I decided to share it with everyone, and it’s proven to work as long as you put in the work. This method is good to collect initial capital and earn additional income.

Q: Why decided to sell this method?
A: I realized this method could be helpful for other people who are struggling to be profitable on their Shopify dropshipping store, especially when running paid ads such as Facebook ads and Google ads. This method can also be used to diversify your revenue by selling print-on-demand products using this method. I hope this method can give you a new spirit to try once again on Shopify dropshipping by selling POD products. There is no risk of losing money from ads because it’s FREE traffic, so I highly recommend you grab the ebook and implement the strategy in the ebook.

Q: Is this method will keep working (evergreen)?
A: Yes, considering the new artists keep coming on social media, you don’t have to be afraid of saturation. There are so many different types of artists. You’ll understand it when you read the ebook. I explain inside the ebook why it’s hard to saturate.

Q: What’s next after I can earn money using this method?
A: It’s completely up to you. You can scale up using the collaboration method, as I explain in the ebook. Or re-invest the money to another traffic source such as paid IG/Tik Tok shoutout, Facebook ads, Google Ads, or retargeting campaign. Remember, you earn the free money, so you can re-invest in other paid traffic sources or other business ventures.

Q: What is the payment option to buy the ebook?
A: Since I am selling it on Gumroad, you can pay via debit card, credit card, PayPal, Apple Pay, and Google Pay.

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