Free Download eBook – Crypto Common Sense – Learn Where To Buy Crypto For A Very Low Micro Price Of $0.000000XXXX


Crypto Common Sense – Learn Where To Buy Crypto For A Very Low Micro Price Of $0.000000XXXX By Proscratcher – Free Download eBook

Here’s what I offer:

• A steps by step instructions on how to buy tokens at a very low micro price.

• A website where you can sniff new and trending tokens.

• Easy to follow guide with screenshots for newbies and advanced crypto users.

• Tips on how to find token opportunities which are available right now.

• A website where you can check if there is an activity going on in a specific new and trending token.

• An exchange that I personally use to trade tokens.

• A mobile app where you can hold your tokens.


How much am I paying for information?
• The cost of information inside my ebook is $90.

Do you guarantee that I will get 100x-1000x ROI from your method?
• Absolutely not. The only way you can find token winners is to spread your eggs in different baskets.

What cryptocurrency do I need to apply your method?
• You need have Binance Coin(BNB)

What device do I need to apply your method?
• I recommend smart phone but it can also be applied on Desktop computer.

How much investment do I need to get started?
• You can start with $50.

What is your refund policy?
• After I sent you the guide, there will be no refunds.

What payment method do you accept?
• Crypto and Paypal.

How can I talk to you directly?
• You can reach out to me on Discord: fernquaker#0461

IMPORTANT: I am selling information on how to find good token opportunities by buying at a very low micro price. I do not sell the results to make money, the result comes from taking action about the information you have and that’s something I simply cannot force anyone to do. Only invest what you can afford to lose.

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