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Google Maps Elite By Chad Kimball – Free Download Course Updated

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If you want to take a shortcut to starting your online business, the fastest way is to simply schedule a breakthrough call with one of our coaches. I wish I would have talked with someone one on one when I was getting started, I could have skipped a lot of time wasting and expensive mistakes! Also, would have started me actually making significant money online much quicker.
– Chad

Now doing Google maps
business listing for just shy of 500 different franchise owners all over the United States.
You Have Literally Changed My Life With This Program!

I’ve been using your system now for a couple of months. Your Google maps information is not only very informative but also dead on!

I started by watching the entire series completely through once first to get a better understanding, I then went back through the video lessons one at a time, only this time applying each technique as I went.

My first Local business is owned by a friend of mine who owns a franchise in a major corporate national chain who agreed to let me use his business as my test pilot.

With-in a few days of me creating his “new” business listing, Google merged the two ( as you predicted might happen) with the local business listing that had previously been in existence set up by the corp. home office or Google,not sure which.

Wow did I about have a cow right then and there. Fortunately Google rewarded me the new listing, I’m guessing because I had totally fleshed it out as per your instructions and it appeared to be the most relevant of the two.

Since then, approximately two months later, not only did the new Maps listing become prominent , but we have managed to take over- “Dominate” the first two pages of the natural search results for 7 different keyword phrases locally in his city. Imagine not having a competing company show up for two pages.

Just for those of you who might still be skeptical as to whether or not you can earn money providing this as a “paid for” service to local business owners, I finish with telling you about how it has gone from a test pilot with one store to now doing Google maps local business listing for just shy of 500 different franchise owners of this company all over the United States.

Chad, You and your brother have literally changed my life with this program. I am now a stay at home father of two teenage boys and have left the company I have worked for the last 15 years to pursue my new found love and career helping local business owners build there businesses.

One of the best parts is the feeling of appreciation from the owners who I am servicing, they real love it!

I can’t find the words to express my gratitude enough to you both, Thank You!

To Your Success!

Brad Bellamy

After 1 Week I’m In The Map
For the Following Search Terms (and there is ONLY me) :

Bottom line: this stuff really works!

I just set up my Google Maps listing on February 10th or 11th (using the “secret sauce” that I learned about from you). I also used the special directory listing service that you recommend – it submitted my business to about 40+ directories.

When I first started, there was a Google Map showing at three businesses, none of which were mine (as well as a link to over 100 businesses).

After ONE WEEK, there is only me (and no links to the 100+ businesses). I’m in the map for these search terms:

nu skin santa rosa
anti aging skin care santa rosa
anti aging skincare santa rosa

I had previously gotten Mirabella Organics in the number two spot for organic skin care santa rosa and organic skin care santa rosa. I had not done the directory listings for her, however. So, obviously the directory listing help!

There’s tons more that can be done to strengthen my (or anyone else’s) map listing such as more reviews, citations, social bookmarking the other directory listings, etc.

Bottom line: this stuff really works!

BTW, I’m trying to figure out if there is a way to make Google create a map where none currently exists. Is this in the Gray Hat or Black Hat versions? I’ve been working with the White Hat edition, which is obviously very effective!!!

I’m excited to be able to offer this service to local businesses.

-Kathleen Rhodes

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