Bye 9 To 5 LIVE Premium Mastermind Membership By Jordan Mackey – Free Download


Bye 9 To 5 LIVE Premium Mastermind Membership By Jordan Mackey – Free Download

You will get to learn over-the-shoulder LIVE with me, watch what I do and how I do it, and you will get to ask ANY question you want LIVE and I can walk you all through my answers. I will be dropping all kinds of knowledge in here that you have never seen before, and this will be FULLY COLLABORATIVE AND LIVE with other students! I will be showing you new niches, video ideas, tactics, and will be doing Q&A’s that will be extremely beneficial for all of you!
The best part is that I will be saving EVERY live stream to this course, so you will have a library of ANY live stream you missed on demand for you to watch whenever you want! You will be able to go back and watch every past live stream, even if you weren’t a member at the time! Think about all of the valuable knowledge that will be in this, because I will be giving knowledge I have never given before and answering questions from other students LIVE in front of all of you!
Many people, including Sean Cannell from Think Media, Alex Becker, etc. charge $1,000 to speak to them for one hour. This will give you the opportunity to speak with me live for MUCH CHEAPER than I or anyone else would charge for a normal one-on-one.
You will be able to come in, type questions that I will answer LIVE, watch other student’s questions get answered LIVE from me, and you will also have the opportunity to share your screen, webcam, and microphone with the group if you request it during a live stream and I grant you access to it. And as soon as you join you will be granted access to the library of EVERY PAST LIVE STREAM that has ever been done! There will be so much knowledge in there for you to watch through it will make your head explode!
THESE WILL BE VERY COLLABORATIVE, EXCITING MEETINGS where we can all meet each other, learn, and have fun! I am super excited about this!!
You can also email any questions for me to answer live if you are unable to attend a session!
You will be given a link to the live stream mastermind every week that will allow you to attend the live streams.
This is for students in my courses ONLY, that way we know everyone here is on the same page and has gone through the course!
You will NOT have to download any software, the webinar is hosted through your normal web browser. It also works flawlessly on cell phones so you can join the live webinar and leave comments and watch with your phone as well!
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